Major Updates to My Websites

Once upon a time, there were three separate websites serving three separate purposes:

  1. firstly, we had my “home” website, which served as a sort of hub that merely housed links to my other websites and associated social media
  2. secondly, we had my music website, which tried (and generally failed) to promote the songs and pieces that I had written and later recorded
  3. thirdly, we had my hobby photo website, which tried (and also failed) to “promote” the various nature and sunset pictures that I had taken

Those three websites have now been combined into one. This one. Where you are right now. Ultimately, I wasn’t updating any of the websites, because there were too many of them that the task always seemed daunting. Now, I really only have two websites to worry about: this one and my fandom blog,, which has also seen a few months without an update. I hope to change that soon too. I have several drafts on the back-burner that I hope to finish soon and publish—well after I meant to, but better late than never.

I hope you find things easier to find on this new website. I spent the better part of today working on it. What’s next? As you can see from my previous posts, I had every intention of writing new music to round out a new CD that I meant to record and produce last summer. That never happened, and now this summer is almost gone. Perhaps I’ll write some new pieces this fall? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Either way, I intend to post here more often than once a year, so see you in a few months!

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