Goals to Finish 2015

I cannot believe we are already halfway through October. In a little more than two months time, we will be turning our calendars to 2016, and I’m starting to worry that I’m not going to meet the goals that I set at the start of 2015. Some goals that I set for myself are as follows.

Tackling NaNoWriMo

I have always wanted to do NaNoWriMo, but every year when November comes, I am caught unprepared to take on such a daunting task. I have notes written down for a story idea that has been in my head for years upon years, but you know, writing a story (much less a whole novel) is not easy. I’m constantly afraid of failure. I’m continually plagued by doubts that say that my writing won’t be any good. But that’s the purpose of NaNoWriMo. Worry not about the quality (yet). Worry only about the quantity. 50,000 words is the goal. Meet it, and I can congratulate myself on completing my first draft.

But where to begin? For me, at least right now, I am more concerned about the where and when than the what. I shouldn’t be, but when your life is a busy one, you have to carve out a time and place to write in order to make the habit happen. I hope to create a room in my house soon for such a purpose. I am also concerned about the how. I am planning on creating a room for writing so that I can remove the distractions of home as much as possible. For the same reason, I am planning on using a distraction-free writing app called Ulysses to write my novel. It is available for both Mac and iPad and it comes highly recommended by many users.

  • Goal for 2015: Complete a first draft of a novel before December begins.

Composing Piano Pieces

It has been a few months since I have written a new piece for piano. It has been a few years since I’ve produced a new CD. I am itching to do these things again. One thing that has prevented me from writing more music down is that my Finale app (which I never really liked) expired a while ago. I really didn’t want to shell out more money for an app that I wasn’t crazy about. Thankfully, I found a free app called MuseScore that I am really excited to use.

  • Goal for 2015: Compose five new piano pieces and compile them, along with those that I have already written, into a new album.

Complete my GoodReads Challenge

Last year, my GoodReads Reading Challenge goal was 20 books. I exceeded my goal by reading 21. This year, I set myself a higher goal of 30, but knowing full well that I’m not going to make that goal, I moved it back down to last year’s goal. I am currently at 15 books, which puts me on track for finishing 5 more before the year’s end (which is certainly more manageable than 15). I certainly hope to do as I did last year and exceed that goal, because with over 360 books on my to-read list currently, it’ll take me several years to read every book on that list if I am only reading 20 books per year, especially when I’m always adding new books to that list.

  • Goal for 2015: Read at least 6 more books before the year concludes.

Do you have any reading or writing goals? Share them in the comments!

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