Update on 2015 Goals

With 2015 coming to a close in two days, it’s time to check in on my goals for the year!

I Exceeded My GoodReads Challenge!

Copying last year’s challenge, I read 21 books in 2015, exceeding my goal of 20. I plan to do the same next year. I’m in the middle of three rather long books, but I’ve made a goal to finish them in January: Eldest (I’ve been in the middle of this one for a few years), A Clash of Kings (I finished A Game of Thrones in 2015, and my hope was to read the rest of the series before season six was released, but I’m sure that won’t happen), and Undaunted Courage (I am closest to finishing this one, because my sister wants me to make this book a top priority).

Read more about these three books on my GoodReads profile.

Composing More Music/Writing A Book

Neither happened this year. I keep forgetting that November and December are really too busy for me to be doing anything–not that January through May are going to be much better. It’s probably best that I save composing or writing for the summer months, provided that my time isn’t taken up too much by community theatre.

Downsizing and Using Social Media

There’s a page on this website that categorizes my social media accounts. I made that page so that I could better organize my many online homes, which I thought would help me use them more often. I think this actually had the opposite effect. I started using social media collectively less often, because the task of keeping them all up-to-date seemed too daunting. So it became time to start deleting. Here are a few services that are no more:

  • Tumblr. It was fun while it lasted, but whenever I logged in, this was the biggest time-suck. It had been a few months since I last used Tumblr anyway, so if I’m not using it, why keep it? As a teacher, there are far too many things on my schedule that take away my time, so whatever time I have left, I need to use it wisely. Perhaps by reading the books that I’ve been meaning to read and writing the songs that I’ve wanted to write?
  • Pinterest. I created an account once upon a time ago, but I never used it.
  • Twitter. I’ve downsized from four accounts to three. My main account is now public. I didn’t want to make it public before, because there were a few tweets devoted to complaining. Venting about problems in my life is probably necessary at the time, if only to let off steam, but when you look back, the problems seem so much smaller than they once did, making the complaints seem somewhat embarrassing. I’ve taken a trip down amnesia lane and deleted a few tweets that I’d rather the public did not see.
  • Google+. I didn’t delete my Google+ accounts per se, but I deleted the links from the social media page on this website, because I wasn’t using them anyway. I could delete the accounts, I suppose, but the process is slightly complicated, since they’re tied to my Google/Gmail accounts, so it’s easier to leave them be.

It is my hope that I will now use my fewer accounts more often.

Downsizing and Updating Websites

Due to potential hackers, I also deleted my Win-E-Mac Studios website and moved the content that was previously there to this website, which is why you see the “Weddings” and “Websites” pages above. My “Piano Lessons” page was moved to my Win-E-Mac English website, because I teach the piano lessons at Win-E-Mac School anyway, which is where I also teach English full-time. Anyway, with one fewer website to update, I hope to devote more time to updating my main blog, FictionRow.com, as well as this one, more often.

I like social media and websites a lot, but I’m not very “good” at updating them. I’ll get this idea that I need another account or another website for this new purpose, when maybe a new post or page will do. I’m going to work on breaking this habit in 2016!

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