My Fitness Journey

Since turning 30 this year, I have really gotten into weightlifting. Being the rather nerdy person that I am, I never thought that I would ever feel comfortable in a gym, but I have been lifting nearly every weekday (and sometimes weekends) since June, and I have not looked back. I have learned and grown so much over these past few months; in fact, I think my students respect me more because of my “gains”.

I started an Instagram where I’ve been following guys who motivate and inspire me to keep pushing myself to lift more and get bigger. I’ve been using it to post updates on my fitness journey, too: a journey which has seen goals met and remade.

In the fitness center where I work out, which is in the school where I teach, there are charts ranking students’ personal records based on three criteria: bench presses, squats and power cleans. I’ve been using those charts to privately compete with them and achieve my own personal records (though I prefer deadlifts to power cleans).

I have created my own charts to track my lifting progress (plus the progress of some students that I’ve been working with). I have shared my routines with the student that I work with the most. I use the “Strong” app to track every routine and exercise that I do in the gym.

I also have a Spotify playlist that I like to use to pump me up for a workout. I can’t really focus when listening to music with lyrics, so my playlist features mostly epic video game scores.

My Instagram, my progress sheet, my routines and my playlist are all linked on my fitness page. Go check it out!

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