So you’re planning a wedding, but you’re not sure what music to choose for the service? You’ve come to the right place! At a typical wedding, you hear music before, during and after the service. Specifically, you generally hear:

  • instrumental (piano, organ, etc.) music before the service (prelude),
  • instrumental music while the wedding party enters,
  • instrumental music when the bride enters (processional),
  • occasionally a featured vocal solo after the homily,
  • a vocal solo during the lighting of the unity candle,
  • instrumental music while the wedding party exits (recessional),
  • instrumental music after the service (postlude).

Let’s pick this apart and look at the music I’ve used in the past for each segment. I’ve included links to YouTube videos for your listening convenience. The links feature piano, because that is my preferred instrument, but these pieces can also be played on the organ. I am also glad to learn new music upon request.

I hope this very basic tutorial regarding wedding music was helpful for you. If you want me to play for your wedding service, please know first that I charge $100 plus mileage (if outside the Win-E-Mac area) for piano only before, during, and after the service, or $125 if you want me to play and sing for the service. This rate includes the rehearsal and the service.

If this sounds okay to you, please contact me. Thanks!

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